World Beer Challenge

XVI International Brewery Awards 2024 May – Estoril – Portugal

Article nº 1

1.1 Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Limitada, with its head office at Rua de Ambriz, nº 29-3º B 2775-032 Parede – Portugal, corporate tax payer number 506 299 376, registered at the Cascais Company Registration Office-Portugal with no. 0144885/02109/4, and at INPI – Record no. 518319, promotes the event entitled “World Beer Challenge – XVI Brewery International Awards 2024”, open to all brands complying with the international standards.

Article nº 2
Official registration way

2.1 Participants can register through our site with the following options: online or through a paper form together with a document confirming the bank transfer.

2.2 Companies will be able to register their brands in the official site as part of the means provided for online registrations.

2.3 The organizer of the event shall not be responsible for the wrongful use by users who have virus in their computer system and diffuse it in the network.

2.4 Online records will only be officially recognized when the organization confirms the completion of the entire registration process.

2.5 Each competing beer brand must use the appropriate registration form. Photocopies of the official regis­tration form of the Contest are allowed.

2.6 The samples submitted to the contest must be delivered by 30.04.2024

2.7 Registrations for the Contest outside the period established have an additional fee of 25%. Additional in­formation requests may be submitted to / Phone: + 351-211972375

2.8 There is no limit for the number of samples submitted to the Contest.

Article nº 3

 3.1 It is necessary a volume of 1.98 litres (6×33 cl) for each brand submitted to the Contest. The samples must be dispatched in the same conditions they are retailed and will not be accepted if erased or handwritten.

3.2 All costs will be the competitor’s responsibility such as transportation, customs duties and any other cost regarding the participation process.

3.3 Samples must be sent to the following address. Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Limitada (World Beer Challenge – XVI Brewery International Awards 2024) Secretariado Internacional Rua do Ambriz, nº 29-3º B – 2775-032 Parede – Portugal.

Article nº 4

4.1 In case of lack of correction in the labels or back labels or in the information which does not comply with the international law or the law of the country of origin.

4.2 The participant shall be excluded from the Contest and shall not have any right to the reimbursement of the amount paid upon registration.

4.3 The outside of each box must be marked with the words World Beer Challenge – XVI Brewery International Awards 2024 and must be accompanied by the corresponding laboratory analysis, issued by an officially rec­ognized laboratory in accordance with the legislation in force in the country of origin.

4.4 Beer brands submitted to the Contest must be delivered free of any charges, bank transfer, transportation or customs services costs. All documents must be sent in water-proof envelopes.

4.5 The samples must be sent together with document confirming payment of registration by bank transfer.

 Article nº 5
Members of the International Jury

5.1 The members of the “World Beer Challenge – XVI Brewery International Awards 2024” international jury are qualified experts from 29 countries, in a total of 125  members.

5.2 A qualified expert shall be designated for each participating country to act as a member of the interna­tional jury.

Article nº 6

6.1 The winning beer brands shall receive the following awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Recommended Medal. Certificates and medals shall be sent by mail.

6.2 The “World Beer Challenge – XVI Brewery International Awards 2024” holds the registered rights to the stamps of awards.

6.3 The digital image of the award received will be provided upon request, without any charge for the award­ed company.

6.4 Reproductions, format or colour change, copies or any other form of wrongful use are punishable by law.

Article nº 7
Award Notification

7.1 The companies holding the prize winning brands shall be notified by e-mail no later than 168 hours after the contest ends. Each prize winning brand will be awarded a certificate identifying the name of the beer, company and country, and medal. the contest ends. Each prize winning brand will be awarded a certificate identifying the name of the beer, company and country, and medal.

7.2  Unlimited  Gold, Silver, Bronze  (750 Euros)

7.3 Any reproduction, unauthorized copy of the original for the improper use and use of different categories of self-adhesive gold, silver or bronze medals awarded by the organization Menu Magazine Edições Periódi­cas Unipessoal Limitada is strictly prohibited. They are protected by law (TM, INPI) at the World Beer Chal­lenge – International Brewery Awards, which is held annually in Estoril, Portugal.
Having a penalty in the amount of the payment of an irreducible fine and fixed at 50,000 €, in addition to indemnities for direct and indirect damages, as well as court costs, the Cascais Court – Portugal being selected to resolve any legal action, renouncing any other.

Article nº 8

8.1 Payment must be made through bank transfer to Menu Magazine – Edições Periódicas Unipessoal Lda.

8.2 All fees regarding bank transfers and other expenses shall be paid by the participant.

8.3 Where the amount paid is not according to clause 8.1, participants will be informed by e-mail for imme­diate adjustment, under penalty of exclusion.

8.4 The amounts corresponding to registration costs must be transferred to the following official bank of the event:

COMPANY: Menu Magazine Edições Periódicas Unipessoal, Lda

NIB: 0036.0196.99100020417.52

IBAN: PT50 0036 0196 9910 0020 4175 2



Article nº 9
Exemption from customs duties

9.1 Exemption from customs duties is foreseen within the European Union space for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

9.2 For Non-EU countries, in order to be exempt from custom duties, we recommend the brands use a Euro­

Article nº10

10.1 The testing sessions will take place on 28.29.30 and 31 May, at Estoril.

Article nº 11

11.4 To solve any disputes arising from the fulfilment of the contract, the parties agree to the jurisdiction and venue of the district court of Cascais, renouncing to any other. The losing party shall incur in all expenses re­lated to such disputes, including the fees of the legal counsellors to whom the other party may have resorted in order to assert their rights.

Article nº 12

12.1 Adambier

12.2 Aged Beer

12.3 American-Belgo-Style Ale

12.4 American-Style Amber Lager

12.5 American-Style Amber Light Lager

12.6 American-Style Amber/Red Ale

12.7 American-Style Barley Wine Ale

12.8 American-Style Black Ale

12.9 American-Style Brown Ale

12.10 American-Style Cream Ale

12.11 American-Style Dark Lager

12.12 American-Style Extra Special Bitter

12.13 American-Style Ice Lager

12.14 American-Style Imperial Porter

12.15 American-Style Imperial Stout

12.16 American-Style India Pale Ale

12.17 American-Style Lager

12.18 American-Style Light Lager

12.19 American-Style Maerzen/Oktoberfest

12.20 American-Style Malt Liquor

12.21 American-Style Pale Ale

12.22 American-Style Pilsener

12.23 American-Style Sour Ale

12.24 American-Style Stout

12.25 American-Style Strong Pale Ale

12.26 American-Style Wheat Beer

12.27 American-Style Wheat Beer With Yeast

12.28 American-Style Wheat Wine Ale

12.29 Australasian, Latin American or Tropical-Style Light Lager

12.30 Australian- or International-Style Pale Ale

12.31 Australian-Style Pale Ale

12.32 Baltic-Style Porter

12.33 Bamberg-Style Bock Rauchbier

12.34 Bamberg-Style Helles Rauchbier

12.35 Bamberg-Style Maerzen Rauchbier

12.36 Bamberg-Style Weiss Rauchbier

12.37 Barley Wine-Style Ale

12.38 Belgian- and French-Style Ale

12.39 Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

12.40 Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale

12.41 Belgian-Style Dubbel

12.42 Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadrupel

12.43 Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale

12.44 Belgian-Style Fruit Beer

12.45 Belgian-Style Fruit Lambic

12.46 Belgian-Style Gueuze Lambic

12.47 Belgian-Style Lambic

12.48 Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale

12.49 Belgian-Style Pale Ale

12.50 Belgian-Style Pale Ale or Blonde Ale

12.51 Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale

12.52 Belgian-Style Quadrupel

12.53 Belgian-Style Sour Ale

12.54 Belgian-Style Table Beer

12.55 Belgian-Style Tripel

12.56 Belgian-Style Witbier

12.57 Berliner-Style Weisse

12.58 Bohemian-Style Pilsener

12.59 Brett Beer

12.60 British-Style Barley Wine Ale

12.61 British-Style Imperial Stout

12.62 Brown Porter

12.63 California Common Beer

12.64 Chili Beer

12.65 Chocolate Beer

12.66 Classic English-Style Pale Ale

12.67 Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout

12.68 Coffee Beer

12.69 Contemporary Gose

12.70 Dark American Wheat Beer with Yeast

12.71 Dark American Wheat Beer without Yeast

12.72 Dark American-Belgo-Style Ale

12.73 Dortmunder/European-Style Export

12.74 Dortmunder/Export or German-Style Oktoberfest

12.75 Double Red Ale

12.76 Dutch-Style Kuyt Beer

12.77 English-Style Brown Ale

12.78 English-Style Dark Mild Ale

12.79 English-Style Extra Special Bitter

12.80 English-Style India Pale Ale

12.81 English-Style Mild Ale

12.82 English-Style Pale Mild Ale

12.83 English-Style Summer Ale

12.84 European-Style Dark/Muenchner Dunkel

12.85 Experimental Beer

12.86 Export Stout

12.87 Extra Special Bitter

12.88 Field Beer

12.89 French- & Belgian-Style Saison

12.90 French-Style Biere de Garde

12.91 Fresh or Wet Hop Ale

12.92 Fruit Beer

12.93 Fruit Wheat Beer

12.94 Fruited American-Style Sour Ale

12.95 Fruited Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer

12.96 German-Style Altbier

12.97 German-Style Bock or Maibock

12.98 German-Style Doppelbock

12.99 German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock

12.100 German-Style Eisbock

12.101 German-Style Heller Bock/Maibock

12.102 German-Style Koelsch

12.103 German-Style Leichtbier

12.104 German-Style Leichtes Weizen

12.105 German-Style Maerzen

12.106 German-Style Oktoberfest/Wiesn

12.107 German-Style Pilsener

12.108 German-Style Rye Ale

12.109 German-Style Schwarzbier

12.110 German-Style Sour Ale

12.111 German-Style Wheat Ale

12.112 Ginjo Beer or Sake-Yeast Beer

12.113 Gluten-Free Beer

12.114 Golden or Blonde Ale

12.115 Grodziskie

12.116 Herb and Spice Beer

12.117 Historical Beer

12.118 Honey Beer

12.119 Imperial India Pale Ale

12.120 Imperial Red Ale

12.121 International-Style Lager

12.122 International-Style Pale Ale

12.123 International-Style Pilsener

12.124 Irish-Style Red Ale

12.125 Kellerbier or Zwickelbier

12.126 Leipzig-Style Gose

12.127 Light American Wheat Beer with Yeast

12.128 Light American Wheat Beer without Yeast

12.129 Light Lager

12.130 Mixed Culture Beer Beer

12.131 Muenchner-Style Helles

12.132 Oatmeal Stout

12.133 Old Ale

12.134 Old Ale or Strong Ale

12.135 Ordinary Bitter

12.136 Ordinary or Special Bitter

12.137 Other Belgian- and French-Style Ale

12.138 Other Belgian-Style Abbey Ale

12.139 Other Belgian-Style Ale

12.140 Other Belgian-Style Sour Ale

12.141 Other Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale

12.142 Other International-Style Lager

12.143 Other Smoke Beer

12.144 Other Strong Ale or Lager

12.145 Other Strong Beer

12.146 Pale American-Belgo-Style Ale

12.147 Peated Scotch Ale

12.148 Pumpkin Beer

12.149 Robust Porter

12.150 Rye Beer

12.151 Scotch Ale

12.152 Scottish-Style Ale

12.153 Scottish-Style Export Ale

12.154 Scottish-Style Heavy Ale

12.155 Scottish-Style Light Ale

12.156 Session Beer

12.157 Session India Pale Ale

12.158 Smoke Beer

12.159 Smoke Porter

12.160 South German-Style Bernsteinfarbenes Weizen

12.161 South German-Style Dunkel Weizen

12.162 South German-Style Hefeweizen

12.163 South German-Style Kristal Weizen

12.164 South German-Style Weizenbock

12.165 Special Bitter or Best Bitter

12.166 Specialty Beer

12.167 Strong Ale

12.168 Sweet Stout or Cream Stout

12.169 Traditional German-Style Bock

12.170 Traditional Scotch Ale

12.171 Unfiltered German-Style Ale

12.172 Unfiltered German-Style Lager

12.173 Vienna-Style Lager

12.174 Wild Beer

12.175 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer

12.176 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Dark Beer

12.177 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Pale to Amber Beer

12.178 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer

12.179 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer

12.180 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout